Apartment Boom, New Construction, & Red Hot Nashville!

This Week in Tennessee’s News:

Apartment Boom Puts Nashville on the Map
The Tennessean :: March 11, 2014

apartment boom.Healthy job growth and millions in new in dollars have combined to make Nashville one of the nation’s top apartment boom towns, according to a new report.

.And yet all that growth hasn’t yet made made a major dent in the city’s near record-high rental rates.

.“(Nashville is) gaining people, and it’s got pretty good income and GDP growth,” said Elizabeth Whalen, a data journalist…


South Sees Greatest Optimism Over New Construction Projects

The Nashville Business Journal :: March 10, 2014

new stadium construction.The construction industry is once again picking up.

.In a new survey released Friday, contractors across the United States are expressing the most optimism about the upcoming year for commercial real estate construction since the downturn nearly seven years ago.

  SNowhere was the optimism greater than in the South, according to the survey from the…


The South’s Red Hot Town
Time Magazine :: March 7, 2014

music city

Nashville and its economy are on fire, sparked by a booming cultural scene, world-class health care, rising universities–and a really good spot on the map.
Middle Tennessee is one of at least a dozen red-hot but sometimes overlooked regions that have successfully pulled themselves out of the Great Recession and into a broad, rising prosperity. Though the ingredients for the booms are often similar, each region has a different recipe. So what’s Nashville’s secret?…



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