Green Housing Demand, Williamson Growth, & Craft Beer

This Week in Tennessee’s News:

Green is the Color of Home Satisfaction
The Tennessean :: March 15, 2014

green home

Are green home buyers happy home buyers? A new survey indicates that they are.
More and more consumers are looking for homes designed to save energy and water and that incorporate locally sourced materials. Choosing a builder or remodeler who holds the NAHB Certified Green Professional designation is one way to find someone with the latest knowledge of “building green,” or “high performance” building.
These industry professionals have studied…


Williamson Growth to Outgrow Neighbors
The Tennessean :: March 18, 2014
Factory at Franklin

Williamson County’s population boom will continue to outpace the Nashville area, adding even more residents aged 65 and older, even as the county will add more retail sales and financial analyst jobs.
Those are some of the conclusions Matt Largen, president and CEO of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce, unveiled Tuesday morning at the Factory at Franklin when as part of the chamber’s first-ever economic trend report that tracks Williamson County’s growth in jobs, homes and businesses…

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Craft Beer Pours Out From Franklin’s Cool Springs Brewery
The Tennessean :: March 19, 2014

cool springs brewery

Brewmaster Derrick Morse wants Cool Springs to one day be known as much for his handmade, high-gravity beers as it is today for mall traffic and chain stores.
That shift could start later this month when the Cool Springs Brewery makes its pitch to broaden the pallettes of Nashville beer nerds as the microbrewery’s high-gravity, higher alcohol content beers hit liquour store shelves for the first time.
After those first four high-gravity beers are launched, Morse has an array of barrel-aged sour beers — beers made with…

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