Making an Entrance: 5 Daring Door DIYs

Spring Flowers

Spring is often the season for home projects, organization, deep cleaning, and decluttering. But we often overlook the ambassadors of our homes–our front doors.

I’ve gathered together 5 of my favorite ways to give your door a new lease on life. Enjoy!

1. Add a Wreath

It may seem unimaginative, but wreaths add essential splashs of color to any entrance.  Go non-traditional with this DIY Linen and Leather Wreath or this DIY Succulent Wreath:

Pink Linen Wreath           Succulent Wreath

2. Paint it Up

A fresh coat of pain can do wonders for your door.  Ditch boring and plain for bold colors and patterns this year, like these: DIY Two-Tone Door, Pink Painted Molding Door, and DIY Chevron Door.

2 Tone Molding Door Chevron Door

3. Work with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a huge trend right now, and who says your front door can’t get in on the action?  (You could even use shelf paper or other specialty papers.) I’m inspired by these: DIY Dressed Up Door & Wallpapered Door Panels.

Wallpaper Door         paper panels

4. Glass with Class

For doors with windows, this DIY Faux Frosted Door or these DIY Window Films can add visual interest and privacy in a simple, yet tasteful way.

Contact Paper Door         Window Films

5. Embroider a Message

Definitely unconventional, this Embroidered Screen Door is a completely custom way to add a greeting or picture to unsightly screen doors.

hello_door  hello

 What do you think?  Are you ready to transform your doors?


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