Good News: TN Homes Biggest in the Nation, HCA in the Gulch, & New Melrose Restaurants

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One TN County has the Biggest Homes in the Country
The Nashville Business Journal :: May 12, 2014

Williamson County Home

The size of American homes has been steadily growing for more than 20 years, but one county in Tennessee has the highest median number of rooms per house of any in the nation.
Williamson County has a whopping 7.5 rooms (not counting bathrooms) per house. The only other county which had such a high median room count was Stafford County, Va., which is south of Washington, D.C., and was


Health Care Giant HCA Pays $10M+ for North Gulch Land
The Nashville Business Journal :: May 8, 2014

HCA in the Gulch

Health care giant HCA Holdings Inc. has paid $10.2 million for land in the North Gulch, according to a deed filed Thursday.
The sale of the 10.6 acres formally completes HCA’s decision to scrap its original plan to make two of its Nashville subsidiaries — with about 2,000 employees between them — the anchor of the West End Summit project planned by developer Alex S. Palmer & Co., which remains
The hotel also doubled the size of its fitness center and stocked it with…


Nashville’s Melrose Area to Get Two New Restaurants
The Tennessean :: May 2, 2014

Acclaimed Chefs in Melrose

Sinema, a restaurant/bar concept with “Top Chef” alum Dale Levitski as executive chef, is slated to open in the Melrose area this summer.
The name plays on its location at the historic Melrose theater. Ryman Hospitality’s CEO Colin Reed owns the new restaurant as a personal venture.
Meanwhile, another restaurant owned by Nashville restaurateur Austin Ray and developer Joe Parkes Jr. is…



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