Get Organized: 10 DIY Shelves You Can Make in 1 Hour or Less

DIY Shelves Header

As we head into the new season, it’s the perfect time to get organized.

I’ve gathered together 10 of my favorite DIY shelves that even a novice can make and install in 1 hour or less. Enjoy!

1. Tiny Scrabble Shelves

Hang them with Command Strips to display photos, cards, calendars, postcards, and art.  Secure them more firmly & these would be perfect to display children’s picture books, records, and more! DIY Scrabble Tile Holder Shelves:

Scrabble shelves

2. Hanging Out

There are a lot of great ways to create quick hanging shelves. My favorites are this DIY Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf, Martha Stewart’s Ribbon Bracket Shelves , these Hanging Cable Shelves (a translator can help you go from Finnish to English), and this DIY Hanging Display Shelf (perfect for plants, vases, figurines, & more).

Wood Belt Shelf Ribbon Bracket Shelves           Hanging Cord Shelves Hanging Thermos Shelf

3. Upcycled Crate ShelvesCrate Shelves

Transform something old into something stylish with this DIY Modular Crate Shelves tutorial! You can completely customize the look depending on the paper or fabric you line the crates with.


4. Drawer Shelves


Salvage from unwanted furniture to create these DIY Drawer Shelves. (For ways to transform furniture with missing drawers, check out these projects here, here, & here!)

Drawer Shelves

5. Skateboard Shelf

Definitely unconventional, this DIY Skateboard Shelf is fun for kids & adults alike!

Skateboard Shelf

6. Basic Bracket ShelfBracket Shelf

From quirky to chic, this basic DIY Bracket Shelf is a blank canvas that can be customized to your style. This one has sleek metal brackets, but you can change them to give it a completely new look!


7. Invisible Bookshelves

With a couple of L Brackets, you can have these Invisible Floating Bookshelves in a matter of minutes!

Invisible Bookshelf

8. Corner Catch-All Shelf

A basic magazine holder is used to make this Corner Catch-All Shelf. Nothing could be more simple!

Magazine Holder Shelf

9. Hexagon Honeycomb Wall Shelves

Paint hexagon craft boxes to create your own Honeycomb Wall Shelves!

Hexagon Shelves

10. Recycled Plastic Jug Shelves

I was totally inspired by these Recycled Plastic Jug Shelves! Simply cut any colorful large bottle or jug in half, then hang. Not only are they colorful wall art, but they also serve as fun display shelves.

Recycled Plastic Jug Shelves

{BONUS: Use this great trick for drilling correctly every time!

 What do you think?  Are you ready to get organized?


 Written by Annabelle A. of The Huggins Group


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