Good News: East Nashville, Market Recovery, & NY Times Features Nashville!

This Week in Tennessee News

East Nashville Apartment Site Fetches Record Price
The Tennessean :: August 28, 2014
East Nashville Apartments
An Atlanta-based real estate investment company paid one of the highest prices ever for raw land in East Nashville for 2.4 acres next to the mixed-use Fifth & Main building, where it plans an apartment development.
St. Clair Holdings paid $4.1 million – or $28.70 per sq. foot – for the property, a significant premium for seller Sixth & Main LLC, which paid $1.2 million – or $8.50 per sq. foot – for the site less than 2 years ago. The sharp jump in value reflects…

Construction Spending Growth Shows ‘Vigorous Recovery is Finally at Hand’
The Nashville Business Journal :: September 2, 2014
Nashville Construction
Construction spending reached its highest level since 2008 in July, according to the Census Bureau, and industry economists think the party is just getting started.
Spending on both private and public construction increased in July, reaching a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $981.3 billion. That’s more than 8% higher than…

The New York Times Spends 36 Hours in Nashville
The Nashville Business Journal :: September 3, 2014
imogene + willie
Music City has gotten another big wet kiss from The Grey Lady.
The New York Times, which famously declared Nashville America’s “It City” in January 2013, has profiled Nashville for its popular “36 Hours in…” travel series.
The story’s intro mentions Nashville’s booming business and food scenes alike. “Add a farmers’ market, some enticing shops and a batch of very stylish hotel rooms, and it’s not hard to conclude that…”


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