Spotlight: End Slavery Tennessee No Show Ball

End Slavery TNThis month, The Huggins Group would like to highlight End Slavery Tennessee, an organization that aims to “promote healing of human trafficking survivors and strategically confront slavery in our state.”

Many may not realize the extent of the problem, but TN still has a significant amount of human trafficking and slavery.  “Through violence. Lies. Manipulation. Threats. Today’s slaves are forced into labor, service or sex slavery to make money for their ‘owners.” Force, fraud, and coercion are also used to entrap minors and adults into a life they never wanted.

Through teaching, training, shelter, legal aid, medical attention, and much more, End Slavery TN is making a difference each day.


For more information on this amazing organization, visit

This Valentine’s Day, support this cause by “attending” the No Show Ball!

“The No Show Ball is a play on the truth that the majority of the fundraisers are events where attendance is mandatory. But on the day of the No Show Ball, the event comes to you in the form of a dinner dropped off on your doorstep.”

End Slavery TN No Show Ball

Dinner for 4 includes an entree from Puffy Muffin, a salad from Newk’s, dessert from Whole Foods, a bottle of red or white wine, and is delivered in a custom insulated bag for future use.  Show someone you care + support a wonderful cause by gifting them this fantastic meal!

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