Nashville News: Corsair Distillery Recognized Globally

The Nashville Scene :: Chris Chamberlain :: February 10, 2015
Corsair Distillery

Locals have appreciated the master distillers at Corsair Artisan Distillery for years now, and Bites has shared many of the recognitions the local business has received from spirits industry stalwarts like Whisky Magazine, the American Distilling Institute, Spirits Business and Wizards of Whiskey. But it’s big news that a magazine focused on worldwide business innovation has recognized Corsair as one of their “10 Most Innovative Companies in Food for 2015.”

Fast Company usually focuses on tech news and business leaders as their editorial focus, and their annual Innovation issue is much-anticipated as an indicator of who is on the cutting edge. This year, they have chosen Corsair as No. 4 on that list, along with much larger companies. Anyone who spends time with Corsair co-founder Darek Bell will immediately sense what a big part innovation plays in their company ethos.
In his comments on the article, Bell says, “One of our core values is innovate or die. Whiskey has been so traditional for so long that it’s really ripe for disruption. A new generation of whiskey drinkers has arrived that do not want to drink their parents’ brands. They want something new.”
Fast Company takes particular note of Corsair’s dedication to unconventional brewing and distilling practices. In the magazine’s profile of Corsair, the editors point out:
Bell’s team creates whiskeys made from grains like quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth, as well as “hopped” whiskeys distilled from refined mashes that would normally be brewed into a craft beer. And Corsair’s American nod to the Scottish heritage of smoked peat whiskeys is done with smoked native woods like hickory, mesquite, and white oak. Starting this year, the distillery will use wood and grains harvested on Bell’s 300-acre Nashville farm, malting the grains at an on-site facility and making Corsair a true grain-to-glass distillery.
So when you’re tipping back a glass of Corsair Triple Smoke, you can actually taste the innovation. And it looks like a lot more people are going to be in on the secret soon once the issue hits the newsstands on Feb. 17. If you can’t wait, it’s available on the iTunes store or online here.

News Source: The Nashville Scene


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