Good News: Metro Properties For Sale, New Music Venue, & Historic Estate Sold!

This Week in Tennessee News

Metro Aims to Sell Prime Green Hills, Midtown Nashville Real Estate
The Tennessean :: June 4, 2015
Metro Fire Deptartment
Metro is taking steps to sell a pair of fire station locations in Green Hills and off Charlotte Avenue, which would no longer be needed after replacement locations are completed by the year’s end.
If Metro Council approves, the properties would be listed on the city’s eBid system at or above their appraised values. “They’re great locations, so there should be a lot of interest…

Developer Set to Purchase Historic Brentwood Property
The Nashville Business Journal :: June 4, 2015
Historic Brentwood Property
A Franklin-based developer is poised to buy 254 acres of historic property in Brentwood.
According to The Tennessean, Mike Ford Custom Builders LLC will pay $10.5 million for the land known as the Holt property, located on Crockett Road, east of the Somerset neighborhood…

Tootsie’s Owner Proposes Steakhouse, Music Venue on Lower Broadway
The Nashville Scene, Bites Blog :: June 1, 2015
Tootsie's Orchid Lounge
Two veteran Nashville restauranteurs, Steve Smith and Al Ross, announced plans to overhaul a Lower Broadway building to house a new steakhouse and music venue, called Harry O’s.
Plans for the renovation project at Third Avenue and Broadway have been submitted to the Metro Development and Housing Authority, according to a release…


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