GOOD NEWS: Historic Nashville Nine, Ride-Sharing Growth, & Chef Week!

This Week in Tennessee News

Historic Nashville Unveils Latest Nashville Nine
The Nashville Post :: October 9, 2016
Representatives of preservation group Historic Nashville Inc. unveiled the 2016 Nashville Nine, their list of properties and districts they consider to be severely threatened by demolition, neglect or development. The group says it will push the buildings’ owners as well as government agencies and the public to work to preserve the properties amid Nashville’s rapid development.
The 2016 Nashville Nine are…

Nashville’s Sharing Economy is Growing Faster than Nearly Anywhere Else, Report Says
The Nashville Business Journal :: October 13, 2016
The growth of Nashville’s ride-sharing industry is outpacing almost every other U.S. city, according to a study the Brookings Institution released Thursday.
“It’s really interesting. [The top 6] is 4 California tech metros, Austin and you guys,” said Mark Muro, who co-authored the study. “In the last decade, it’s clear Nashville has separated itself…and moved into the echelon of hot, millennial growth hotspots…”

M Street’s Chef Week Starts Monday
The Nashville Guru :: October 5, 2016
M Street is hosting Chef Week from October 17 – 23. This week-long showcase will feature M Street’s chefs and their new seasonal menu innovations. Chef Week allows each chef to present quarterly menu updates and get feedback from guests. Restaurants include Saint Anejo, Whiskey Kitchen, Kayne Prime, Virago, Tavern and Moto.
During Chef Week, M Street is also infusing elements of their new Artist Alliance program. M Street is…

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