The Latest Home Trends in Nashville


by Kristin Luna of Camels & Chocolate :: February 7, 2017
Like the rest of the country, Nashville’s design scene follows trends—in 2017, that means lots of velvet, open shelving, succulents galore—some are a welcome change, others not so much (enough with the Edison lightbulbs already!). Case in point: The ubiquitous “whitewash” trend has taken the city by storm—both inside the house and out.
“The biggest thing we’ve seen over the last couple years is the painted brick on the exterior of homes. Mostly white paint, and it seems that most new homes that do not have painted brick have been a little harder to sell,” weighs in Allen Huggins, broker at Neal Clayton Realtors in Nashville.
Huggins also notes that there’s been a surge in reclaimed wood, barn wood in particular, used “as an accent wall, or as the base to an island to give contrast to a typically white kitchen,” both of which he considers to add a “wow” factor to a home.
“I’m also seeing a resurgence of brass. More on the high-end homes, but I’m seeing some of your higher end builders utilize brass fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens, which again, gives some contrast to the white kitchens you see in a lot of homes,” he explains. “In some of the more modern homes, I’m seeing a use of an almost gray wood finish on the floors. It’s very subtle, but it makes you look twice when you see it.”

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Nashville-based journalist Kristin Luna has penned more than a dozen guidebooks for Frommer’s, and contributed to countless magazines. A lifelong globetrotter, Kristin shares her adventures and travel photography on her award-winning blog Camels & Chocolate. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @lunaticatlarge.

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