GOOD NEWS: Record Property Value Increases, Record Home Sales, & National Ranking!

This Week in Tennessee News

Nashville’s Record Reappraisal: Where have Property Values Soared Most?
The Tennessean :: February 6, 2017
This year’s historically high appreciation (expected for some time now) is the byproduct of a booming city that has attracted young families & development to neighborhoods that were once neglected.
It’s good news for Nashville homeowners who have made money on their purchases. But some, particularly in rapidly changing areas, could be in for a surprise when they see their tax bills.
In blue-collar neighborhoods near The Fairgrounds Nashville and Nolensville Pike such as Woodbine, appreciation has skyrocketed by an estimated average of 57% since 2013. That leads the entire city…

Nashville Home Sales Set Record for January
The Nashville Business Journal :: February 7, 2017
Nashville-area home sales started the year with a bang, with a record number of closings for the month of January.
The Greater Nashville Realtors today reported 2,411 home closings for the area last month, an increase of 11.2% from a year ago.
“Our market just proved you can buy and sell a home during the winter,” GNR’s President Scott Troxel said in a news release. “The winter months are actually a good time for serious buyers. There are fewer properties on the market, but there is also less competition for those properties…”

Nashville Ranks 13th in 100 Best Cities to Live
The Tennessean :: February 7, 2017
Nashville’s “it-city” status will carry on through 2017 as U.S. News & World Report named it one of the best places to live in America.
After ranking the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas, Music City ranked the 13th best place to live in the entire country beating cities including Charlotte (14)  Dallas (15) and San Francisco (9).
The list evaluated several factors in its ranking including resident desirability, job prospects, affordability and quality of life.
According to U.S. News, thousands of people nationwide…


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