GOOD NEWS: MLS Considers Nashville, Mixed-Use Developments, & Citizen Kitchen Expands!

This Week in Tennessee News

U.S. Soccer Explores What Nashville Has to Offer
The Tennessean :: July 6, 2017
Bruce Arena is fully aware of Nashville’s standing as a sports town. The U.S. Soccer men’s coach didn’t miss a beat when talking about our sports scene. “It’s a great sports town with your hockey team making it to the Stanley Cup Finals, and your football team is up-and-coming” he said.
Arena did his homework on the city, one of about a dozen that are bidding for an MLS expansion team. “You got a lot going here in a sports market.” And soccer would fit in… Read More

Mixed-Use Developments Offer One-Stop Living
The Tennessean :: June 30, 2017
Living in the suburbs used to mean getting in your car if you needed milk or wanted to shop. Now in growing numbers of mixed-use neighborhoods, you can bike or walk to the store next door.
Mixed-use communities have a number of advantages, said Kristin Cales, spokesman for the Berry Farms developer. “From a retailer’s perspective, they benefit from both an on-site daytime population and nighttime population, apartment residents and hotel guests. From a resident’s perspective, everything they could want or need is at their doorstep, including…” Read More

Citizen Kitchen Expands, Giving Food Entrepreneurs a Place to Cook
The Nashville Scene, Bites Blog :: July 6, 2017

As Nashville’s food scene has evolved, so has the career of chef Laura Wilson. Two years ago, Wilson stepped out on her own as an entrepreneur, opening Citizen Kitchens, her own food incubator in West Nashville.

“Working at the Nashville Farmer’s Market, I saw all of the small food artisans who would want to launch their businesses — they had a lot of trouble finding production space,” Wilson says. That’s why the Wilsons are getting ready to open a second, much larger Citizen Kitchens facility in East Nashville, which will have 8,000 sq. ft. and accommodate a whopping 100 tenants… Read More


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