Good News: Midtown Tower, Germantown Inn, & Food Truck Month!

Even as many great purveyors of mobile cuisine are setting up in permanent spaces, Nashville’s food truck scene remains strong. The Nashville Food Truck Association now boasts more than 70 active, mobile members, 14 of which are… Continue reading

Good News: Home Price Record, East Nashville Project, & Distillers Festival!

April 28-30 are the dates for this year’s 3rd edition of the Music City Spirits & Cocktail Festival, a citywide celebration of cocktail culture and the spirits that provide the flavor and the kick in those fantastic… Continue reading

Good News: Home Prices Surge, Hillsboro Village Permit, & Alton Brown in Nashville!

Nashville is on the itinerary again for television personality, author and Food Network star Alton Brown, with the latest national tour of what he calls a “live culinary variety show…” Continue reading

Good News: Luxury in Green Hills, West Nashville Townhomes, & Food Tour!

While hopefully this will be the year that Nashville can finally count one of our own as a most deserving James Beard Award winner, little Jimmy B is bringing a few of his own to our fair city for an upcoming dinner on… Continue reading

Good News: Midtown $7M Sale, Luxury Gulch Hotel, & New Edley’s!

The owner of Edley’s Bar-B-Que is targeting an early May opening for the eatery’s Sylvan Park location. Will Newman, chief executive officer of parent entity Edley’s BBQ LLC, said the project… Continue reading

Good News: Decade Sales Record, Gulch Project, & Prince’s Ranks Nationally!

With all the national hubbub about Nashville Hot Chicken, it’s nice to see the original still getting some love every now and then. It wasn’t too long ago when Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack was the only spot most out-of-towners had ever heard of when they came to Nashville to sample our spicy specialty… Continue reading